Addressable LEDs


Two strips of addressable LEDs.
Addressable Led strip chart

Individually addressable LEDs have a tiny micro-controller on each of the LEDs that allows each one to light up with a unique color and brightness (usually using RGB). The strips have a positive voltage wire, a ground, and a data wire. Each time the data reaches an led it is read and passed down the strip to the next led. first chip reads the incoming address as LED0, and then performs the instructions for LED0, it also passes the data on to the next chip after increasing the counter value by 1.[1]

Addressable LEDs used for virtual pinball must be WS2812B.

Matrix Grids[edit]

Addressable LED Matrix Grid

The DOT Matrix is a add-on for Addressable LED effects. This screen is used to display shapes or text programmed in the table.

Most people are using a pre-build DOT matrix 8x32 Pixels. It is possible to add additional modules such as a 8x8. The Model must be WS2812B.

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