B2S Backglass Server


B2SServer is a software allowing dynamic backglass in Visual Pinball


  • V1.3

Full plugin support for upcoming "Direct Output Framework" and a lot finetuning Full plugin support for upcoming "Direct Output Framework" More information here: About the plugin interface and a sample plugin project. Some new buttons at the settings screen to activate/deactivate plugin support PinballX detection and support A lot bugfixes like crash when score rolls over, added SetDisplayPosition call, removed single VPinMAME call for EMs, ...

  • V1.3.0.1

Check box "Activate plugins" is saveble Just one bug fix: Check box "Activate plugins" doesn't save. Now it's working


Current version is The server includes the system files to run 'directB2S' backglasses. The server is able to run all backglasses from 1.0 to

If this is the first version you're installing please follow the installation instructions below or check the 'readme.txt' included in the ZIP. If you have the first version already installed, please overwrite the older files with these newer files. Normally there is NO NEED to reregister the server then.

You do not need to install DB2Sserver if you installed the Visual Pinball X 10.6 all in one as it is part of the installation package.


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