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DOFLinx is a utility Created by DDH69 to provide a bit of extra force feedback functionality in your pinball cabinet. It uses DOF to connect to PacLED64, LED-Wiz™ Boards, SainSmart Relay Boards, Pinscape Controllers, PinConrol1, PinControl2 and Ultimate I/O Controller Boards. It can run up to 9 logical devices, which is more than most current software. It also has the ability to drive Xbox controller rumble motors, display a full cabinet setting menu that controls hardware, implement cabinet nudging physics to Pinball FX, add DOF to Future Pinball, and more.


1- Find the folder on your system containing DOF, ie C:\DirectOutput. It will be the folder with DirectOutput.dll, ledwiz.dll, ftd2xx.dll, pacdrive.dll in it.

2- Unpack the DOFLinx into this folder.

3- Edit the supplied DOFLinx.INI or create your own for your setup.


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