Freezy DMD Extensions

Alphanumeric display rendering by freezy's DMD Extensions

A toolbox for virtual pinball dot matrix displays.


Currently supported displays[edit]

  • PinDMD v3, full RGB support
  • PinDMD v2, 4 bit (16 shades) support
  • PinDMD v1, 2 bit (4 shades) support
  • PIN2DMD, full RGB support
  • Pixelcade, full RGB support
  • Virtual DMD on a computer monitor, renders nice dots and is useful for debugging.
  • Alphanumeric Virtual, a high-resolution virtual segmented display for pre-DMD area games.
  • Network, use dmdext to send and receive data through the network.
  • You can also stream the DMD to a browser in your LAN, because, why not!


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