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Welcome to VPWiki 2.0! This site was designed with only one idea in mind, sharing virtual pinball knowledge with the community, in just one place.

You DO NOT need an account to use this wiki. You will need one if you wish to contribute, create or edit existing content.

Last Version Quick Chart

Software Version Date Link
Arduino 1.8.13 June 2020 Link
B2S Backglass Server October 2019 Link
BAM 1.5-301 August 2020 Link
DOF R3+ August 2020 Link
DOFLinx 7.16 July 2020 Link
FlexDMD 1.5 August 2020 Link
DMDExt(Freezy) 1.8 May 2020 Link
Future Pinball December 2010 Link
PinballX 4.61 August 27 2020 Link
PinballY 1.0 July 2020 Link
Pinscape Configuration Tool 3933 April 2020 Link
PinUP Player 1.4.5 June 2020 Link
PinUP Popper Front-End 1.4.5 June 2020 Link
PinVol 1.7 Feb. 2019 Link
Teensyduino 1.53 -- Link
Teensy Strip Controller Beta v1.02 2.1.16 2016 Link
UltraDMD 1.4.16050500 May 2016 Link
Visual Pinball 10.6 October 2019 Link
Vpinmame 3.3 Beta June 2020 Link