PinupEvent Gameplay

PinEvent is Future Pinball software add-on that manages and controls DOF, PuP-Packs, PuP-SSF, PuPDMD, PuP Stream as well as normal Future Pinball playsound commands used for mechanical events such as flippers, bumpers, ball drops, drain etc.. It does this only on tables modded for PinEvent.

How PinEvent Works[edit]

Future Pinball tables will load the PinEvent_Variables.vbs and then PinEvent_Settings.vbs file to load the PinEvent Profile’s settings (based on what PinEvent Profile is set in the table script 0-5 ). By default, the table is set to Autodetect (0), and will choose a PinEvent Profile based on what mode Future Pinball is using (desktop, arcade/cabinet or VR). PinEvent will then load PinEvent_Control.vbs and check to see if DOF and PinUP Player are installed. If they are not installed or accessible, DOF and PinUP Player features are disabled and their commands are bypassed (the table will operate like a normal Future Pinball table). If PuPDMD is enabled, then PinEvent_PUPDMD.vbs is loaded. If DOF is detected and enabled, a DOF session is started. If PinUP Player is detected and enabled, the PuP-Pack is started and the table starts. It will now play and be able to trigger and control DOF, PinUP Player, SSF and PuPDMD (if enabled, respectively). Shortly after the table starts (3-6 secs), any PuP Stream options enabled will appear on the table.



- DOF (direct output framework) for cabinet hardware feedback, controlled lighting and toys

- Pinup Player

- PuP-Packs

- PUP SSF and 3D positional ball rolling

- PUPDMD (4:1 DMD , Real DMD, 16:9 FullDMD)

- choose what devices are output to SSF for custom setups

- choose what devices are output to DOF for custom setups

- PinEvent profile settings for any FP mode (desktop, cabinet/arcade mode, VR)

- custom PinEvent settings per table via table script options


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