PinballY Virtual Pinball Front end

PinballY is a game browser and launcher for your virtual pinball cabinet. This sort of program is often called a "front end" on the forums, because it's the first thing you see when you walk up to your machine. The goal is to hide the normal Windows desktop and replace it with something that looks and feels more like an arcade machine than a PC. Since the focus is on pin cabs, we also want to eliminate the need for a mouse, and minimize the number of keys/buttons needed for browsing and launching games, so that you can perform all of the basic arcade operations with a minimal set of pin cab buttons.


PinballY is fast and efficient, it has extensive media type support, and it's easy to set up. It's fully open-source, with published source code on GitHub that you can view and modify as you please.

It's also extremely customizable. In addition to many option settings and numerous places where you can insert custom media files, the system features a full, modern Javascript engine, which allows you to take over virtually all of the UI. An extensive Javascript API lets you change system menus, create your own custom filtering, call system functions, and much more. The help files provide a number of worked examples that illustrate some of the things you can do. And of course the C++ code is open-source, so you truly can change anything about the system when even the Javascript engine isn't enough.


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