Pinscape Expansion Boards

Pinscape Expansion Boards
Assembled boards. KL25Z not installed.

The expansion boards are designed to make it easier to connect the Kl25z adding additional outputs. They are separated into 3 different boards:


The Mainboard covers all inputs, different plunger solution inputs, and some outputs. It includes:

  • 24 dedicated button inputs
  • Plunger sensor connector and calibration button
  • 16 low-power PWM capable outputs usually used for Flipper Button RGB LEDs or other LEDs.
  • 16 mid-power PWM capable outputs usually used for Flasher LEDs.
  • A dedicated Knocker output with hardware timer protection which prevents the coil from burning as it cuts off the power after 2 seconds.
  • A Strobe output, not necessarily dedicated but labeled as such.
  • Two options for TV power up signal: TV ON relay and IR LEDs (remote control)


Features 32 high-power PWM capable outputs, with up to 4-5A continuous load per channel. Recommended for power hungry toys such as shaker motor, gear motor, (non-addressable) LED strips, and larger contactors. Not recommended for solenoids You can limit each output to cut off after a certain time, but these timers are all software based and in case of a failiure the coils can burn.


Specially designed for time-critical applications where the used parts could overheat. Real pinball coils, such as flipper coils, knocker, chimes and such overheat after a certain amount of continuous activation. With the standard assembly instructions each of the 8 outputs cuts off after ~2 seconds of continuous activation. The built-in timer protection avoids overheating to a certain level.

Attention: If there's a fault in a table script the coils could nevertheless overheat if the trigger is activated over and over again. Always use fuses on outputs, especially on such critical ones.

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