SainSmart Relay Boards

SainSmart 16-channel relay board.

The Sainsmart relay boards enable computers to control multiple relay modules via a micro-controller or USB connection and software. A relay, when enabled, allows current to flow through a circuit that it is connected to. In virtual pinball builds, these are often used to control cabinet toys. The Sainsmart relay board can also be used with a LED-Wiz™ and/or an Ultimarc PAC Drive.

16-channel relay boards[edit]

One of SainSmart's relay boards is the 12V 16-Channel Relay interface board. It consists of 16 relay modules and each one needs 15-20mA Driver Current. It is equipped with high-current relays (AC250V 10A/DC30V 12A), and uses a standard electronic interface that can be controlled directly by a micro-controller such as an Arduino. There are colored indication LEDs for visual relay output status.

There is also a version of the 16-channel unit that can be controlled via USB.

8-channel relay boards[edit]

SainSmart 8-channel USB relay board.

Another board is a smaller, USB controlled, 8-channel interface. It operates similarly to the 16-channel product mentioned above, but can be controlled via a USB connection and software.


SainSmart serial number software (ftdichiplist.exe)

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