VPWIKI:Best Practices


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For the most part, VPWIKI is community driven, but there is still some netiquette that you should follow when creating/editing content in order to keep the wiki neat and easy to follow.

1) Page Titles[edit]

1a) Capitalization[edit]

Please use title case (e.g. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) when naming pages. DO NOT use sentence case or any other case in order to keep the pages consistent.

If a product name or other topic has specific capitalization in it's name (e.g. "PinUP Popper"), please use that capitalization in the page title. For example, do not write "PinUP" as "Pinup", as it would not conform to the original capitalization of the name. We are not texting, we are writing an encyclopedia.

1b) Plural or Not?[edit]

When naming pages, it is asked that you do not plural topics that only have one instance, such as the name of a software program (e.g. "DOFLinx"). However, if something can be split into different types or variants (e.g. "Plungers" or "Cabinets"), please plural it, as there is not just one "Plunger" or "Cabinet" out there. This site is not a dictionary!

2) Commercial Links[edit]

You are authorized to link to Virtual Pinball commercial web pages to direct people to a "specific" page directly related to the Wiki page you are putting the link in. Do not point to the general "home page" of the site or your products page, but rather individual items or topics as needed.