VPWIKI is an open source non profit project, in the same way as Wikipedia.[1]

We are accepting donations to help cover hosting, domains and admin costs. Left over money will be used for give away prizes that we will give back to the community in the Virtual Pinball Chat Discord Server.

There are currently 2 ways to support VPWIKI. One is to use Patreon to support the project with a monthly $5 or $10 subscription. You may also use Paypal for a 1 time donation of any amount. Links are below.

PayPal Donation
Patreon Donation


If you have donated, the VPWIKI admin team thanks you very much for supporting our work!

While one-time Paypal donations do not have any perks, beginning a donation subscription on Patreon will automatically grant you access to the appropriate role (or "tag") in the Virtual Pinball Chat Discord Server.

Donation Perks
Patreon Supporter (VPWIKI Supporter and Gold Supporter)
  • Discord benefits
  • Supporting the VPWIKI community[2]