Visual PinMAME (VPinMAME)

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Visual PinMAME (VPinMAME) UI Windows

Visual PinMAME (commonly referred to as VPinMAME) is Pinball's Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator written by the WPCMAME/PinMAME development team and contributors.

Vpinmame 3.2 is included in the Visual Pinball 10.6 all in one installer.


  • Emulates over 740 unique Pinball machines (and many more clones/revisions, overall more than 2500 sets) from the mid 1970's through 2014.
  • Standalone emulation (like MAME)
  • Can also be used to drive external simulation programs like Visual Pinball via Visual Basic Script
  • In addition, there is special support for the P-ROC, LISY and UltimateIO platforms to drive real pinball hardware via PinMAME

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