FlexDMD is a DMD renderer extension for Visual Pinball and Pinball front-ends like PinballY created by VBousquet. It can also be used as a drop-in replacement for the great UltraDMD from Stephen Rakonza, solving some of its rough corners since its development seems to have stopped.


  • Flexible rendering library, allowing to create any style of DMD animation, including so called "Video Mode" (like saucer attack in Attack From Mars)
  • Rely on dmddevice.dll for rendering (see Freezy's DMD extensions), therefore supporting output to real DMD devices, virtual DMD, network,...
  • Allows to render inside VPX embedded DMD renderer, therefore allowing desktop DMD integration, with support for clean exclusive fullscreen mode
  • In process server (as opposed to out of process), to avoid spilling orphan processes everywhere, with the same object lifecycle management as B2SServer to guarantee that closing the table will close the DMD.
  • Drop-in replacement for UltraDMD (strictly compatible API with nearly identical rendering).


FlexDMD version 1.5 Download

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